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I know it has been awhile, but I’m writing again!

I’m gonna start writing more on entertainment, events, pets, about me, and more stories on fiction!

If you haven’t already, read The Mystery Of The Wind. I will be posting the second book, Mystery Of The Three Newcomers, very soon.

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Magic Tree House is a educational book written by Mary Pope Osborne.

It is about a brother and a sister named Jack and Annie. Annie is 7 and Jack is 8. They travel in a Magic Tree House. Jack and Annie are assigned to these missions by Morgan la Fay, the sister of King Arthur of Camelot. Jack and Annie travel through time and history to help Morgan get free from a spell, solve four ancient riddles and become master librarians, save four ancient stories from being lost forever, free a mysterious little dog from a spell, save Camelot, and learn different kinds of magic.

Sometimes Jack and Annie meet famous people in history and other times they have to read about history to complete their missions.

 “I LOVE IT!” I said as soon as I started the series.

The first 4 books are Dinosaurs Before Dark, The Knight at Dawn, Mummies In the Morning and Pirates Past Noon.

After the 28th book in the Magic Tree House series, it becomes the Merlin Missions. In the Merlin Missions, Merlin sends them on these quests. It is more advanced reading than the earlier books. In all, there are now 47 books in the series. Next month (July, 2012), the 48th book, A Perfect Time for Pandas, is supposed to be published.

Here is a video and a couple of pictures, enjoy!