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The Pocket Microscope

Posted by gina

Would you like to see tree bark look like another world?  You can with the Pocket Microscope.

Tree bark like another world

You see stuff at 30 times magnification than you see with your normal vision! Here’s a picture of what you see when you look at tree bark through it. This is a picture I took through the microscope. Cool hunh?

And here’s a picture of what the microscope looks like.

The Pocket Microscope

I have also looked at different leaves, sticks, Daddy’s desk, clothes, and my hand. I plan to look at Amber’s fur, Keiko’s fur, I haven’t told you about Keiko yet, have I? I’ll tell you about her soon.

The Pocket Microscope is available at Amazon, but I got mine from Santa! It’s really cool. I hope you can get the Pocket Microscope.