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Posted by gina

Here we have some fiction I have written

Platinum’s Pokemon Adventures

– The Mystery of the Wind – A Brave Girl Mystery, by Gina Andrews


Story Of Sam – An Animal Jam Fanfiction

Story Of Sam Book One – The Phantoms Rise (Under construction)






  1. Teresa Andrews Said,

    This is a great story Gina! I’m very proud of you. Love, Mommy

  2. Yvonne Varnum Said,

    Yep she did good.

  3. Yvonne Varnum Said,

    Yep she did good.

  4. Tabitha Gatewood Said,

    Hello Gina! I have looked at your entire site and it is very entertaining and informative. How talented you are to discuss many different topics, from toys to pets to books and entertainment, in an informative manner! The video of the Magic Tree House book series was cute – you seem comfortable in front of the camera. So you can write AND speak in public? You’ve got skills, young woman! Keep writing in a wide range of styles, keep reviewing topics of interest, & keep taking risks – in other word: keep up the good work. Love, Ms Tabitha, ABC Drama Dir.

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