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Platinum’s Pokemon Adventures #1

The Mystery of the Wind – A Brave Girl Mystery

By: Gina Andrews

Chapter 1 – Lady and Flygon

A young girl that people called Lady was riding her scooter when Lady accidentally ran over a Flygon’s tail! It reared up, causing Lady to fall down. Lady started to glow, and then she fainted.

Lady woke up lying in the grass. “Oh” she said startled, “this is not ladylike! But I feel different.” She looked at her hands and gasped. In the place of her hands, Lady had Trapinch hands!

Chapter 2 – Venture into the Bog

When Lady looked up, she saw the Flygon. “Change me back right now!” Lady cried. Lady was surprised that she could understand the Flygon! The Flygon said “I am Lady Flygon. If you want to become a normal girl again, you have to complete 10 tasks, you have a month.” “A month!” cried Lady. “Yes” said Lady Flygon calmly, “come now”. Lady followed Lady Flygon to a swamp. “No way, no way am I – ” Lady Flygon pushed Lady into the bog!

Chapter 3 – Covea the Bully

Lady was falling for three seconds when she landed in a neck-deep part of the bog. “Getting in that bog” finished Lady. Lady opened her eyes and felt her cheeks getting hot and red with embarassement. All of the Pokemon were laughing at Lady! One of the Pokemon, a Trapinch, walked up to Lady. “Well, well, a newbie” she said. “Well, my name is Covea. You’d better like it here or else!” she yelled and walked away without helping Lady.

Chapter 4 – Tippi and Battling

The crowd parted to let through Lady Flygon. “I thought you were Lady Flygon!” said Lady. “I am Lady Flygon” said Lady Flygon, “now, come with me, we are going to the namechanger.” “But I like my old name!” cried Lady. “Lady?” whispered Lady Flygon. “I have another name too, I just want to keep it a secret right now!” said Lady. Lady Flygon grabbed Lady’s hand and pulled her to a wooden table.

Lady sat down an front of a strong looking Marowak. “Hello”, said the Maraowak, “my name is Maro. What is yours I may ask?” “Lady” said Lady.
“Well, you have three choices: Snobby, Sissy or Prissystone” said Maro. “Hmmmm,” said Lady, “I think I like…Prissystone!”. “Oh yeah” said Maro, “we will be changing your last name too, if you please”. “What!” yelled Lady (or should we call her Prissystone?) “We will be changing your last name too” said Maro. “I heard you the first time” said Prissystone. “It will be…Sissy” said and yelled Maro. “Sissy!” cried Prissystone, “I hate it!”

A couple of hours later, Lady Flygon came into Prissystone’s room, “it is time for your first task”. Prissystone woke up from her nap at the sound of Lady Flygon’s voice. “I was napping just for it” said Prissystone.

Lady Flygon led Prissystone to a field. “Tippi!” called Lady Flygon. A young Gible jumped out of a tree and hopped over. “Hi, I’m Tippi, what’s your name, huh, huh, huh?!” said Tippi. “I’m Prissystone, Prissystone Sissy, but people above the bog call me Lady” said Prissystone. “Tippi will be your battling partner” said Lady Flygon. “Okay” said Prissystone slowly. “I will be back in a little while” said Lady Flygon and she flew away.

Chapter 5 – Battle Training and Bad Dreams

“Okay!” said Tippi. “Hit me with a tackle attack” she yelled. “But I don’t know that. I don’t know any attacks!” called Prissystone. “Well then, you’re going to learn it!” yelled Tippi at the top of her lungs. “Bring your head down like this” said Tippi, looking down at the ground. “Then, put your hands to your sides like this,” she put her hands in fists at the side of her body. Then…”charge!” Tippi said running. “Okay,” said Prissystone, “here we go!” She started to run as fast as she could. She hit the target directly! “I did it!” cried Prissystone.

“I think that is enough for today” said Lady Flygon, “it is almost sundown, Tippi, Prissystone, please come to dinner.” Tippi and Prissystone followed Lady Flygon to a dinenr table. “Wow” said Prissystone, “it’s huge!” Prissystone sat down at a table for seven. Lady Flygon, Tippi, Maro and Covea were all seated at the table as well. “Prissystone” said Lady Flygon, “this is Lenny, a Ponyta” she said nodding to a Ponyta, “and this is Raysy” pointing to a Rayqaza (Rayqaza is one of the legendary and rare Pokemon. These Pokemon are very special.) “Lenny, Raysy, it’s nice to meet you. I’m Prissystone, Prissystone Sissy but people above the bog call me Lady” said Prissystone. “Oh” said Covea, “so that’s where you come from sissy, haha, the people world up above.” She smiled as Prissystone’s cheeks got red. Covea got up from the table and walked down the hall without another word.

Prissystone took a bite of her food. “Mmmm” said Prissystone, “what is this?” “Berry juice” said Lady Flygon.

Half an hour later, Prissystone was asleep but she was having a bad dream. She was still in the bog, Covea was making fun of her, and all of the Pokemon even Lady Flygon, Tippi, Maro, Lenny and Raysy were all laughing at her.

Chapter 6 – Teddyin

Prissystone woke up to see Tippi standing at the side of her bed. “Wake up sleepy head, time for battle practice!” said Tippi.

A couple of minutes later, they were in the field practicing. Prissystone learned faint attack, double edge and hyper beam. Just as Prissystone was about to use tackle, a small Teddiursa came out of the woods. Tippi started to hop over but Prissystone stopped her just in time. “He looks shy, you could scare him” Prissystone said. The Teddiursa walked over to them. “Hi” it said, “I’m Teddyin, what’s your name?” “I’m Prissystone, Prissystone Sissy but people above the bog call me Lady” said Prissystone. “And, my name is Tippi” said Tippi, “come to the place we live, there’s a room, you could live there”. “Okay” said Teddyin.

A little while later, Prissystone and Tippi were battling. Lady Flygon, Maro, Lenny, Raysy and Teddyin were watching. Covea had got dragged along. Lady Flygon stood up and called “come to lunch girls”. Lady Flygon packed lunch. When they sat down to eat, Prissystone said “I have something to tell you…”

Chapter 7 – The New Prissystone

“What?” Lady Flygon, Tippi, Maro, Lenny, Raysy and Teddyin asked as the same time. “Jinx” said Tippi, “you all owe me a jewel!” “My real name is Platinum Burlits” said Prissystone. “What!” they all said together again. “Jinx” said Tippi, “you all owe me another jewel!” Everyone giggled.

Later, Prissystone was in her room when Lady Flygon came in. “Hi Prissystone” said Lady Flygon, “it’s time for dinner. Come on.”

At dinner, Lady Flygon put another seat at the table for Teddyin. “Who are you?” asked Covea. “I’m Teddyin” said Teddyin. “Newbie” said Covea, “haha crybaby” she said between bites of oran berry.

The next morning, Prissystone woke up to see not Tippi but Lady Flygon at the side of her bed! “You have completed the first and second task!” said Lady Flygon. “I thought I was on the first task. What was the second task?” asked Prissystone. “Being happy here!” said Lady Flygon, “now come on.”

Out in the forest, Lady Flygon said “You will be collecting wood”. “Seems easy enough” said Prissystone. “To get it, you will have to battle Sir Gabite and Miss Gallade” said Lady Flygon. (Gallades are really only boys) “O-okay” said Prissystone.

In half an hour, Prissystone had collected the wood and was heading back.

The next morning, Sir Gabite woke Prissystone up. “What are you doing here Sir Gabite?” said Prissystone, rolling over and putting the pillow over her head. “Lady Flygon sent me here” said Sir Gabite, “it’s a special Pokemon holiday. It’s called holinday.” “Holinday” said Prissystone. “Come on, we’re having breakfast at the table” said Sir Gabite.

When Sir Gabite and Prissystone got to the table, Sir Gabite sat down along with Lady Flygon, Tippi, Maro, Covea, Lenny, Raysy, Teddyin and Miss Gallade. Prissystone sat down next to Lady Flygon and Tippi. “Good morning Prissystone” said Lady Flygon, “did you sleep well?” “Yes, I did, thank you” said Prissystone.

Chapter 8 – Two Task and Holinday

“Prissystone” said Lady Flygon, “are you ready for the forth task?” “Yes, yes I am” said Prissystone.

They walked over to a bush with little lights. “These lights are jewels” said Lady Flygon. “Find the one that’s not glowing” continued Lady Flygon. “Okay” said Prissystone. “Hint” said Lady Flygon, “it’s one of the blues.” “Okay” said Prissystone. She started looking. “I found it!” said Prissystone, holding up a blue jewel. “Good job!” said Lady Flygon, “Come on, let’s go to the Holinday Festival.”

Later, Prissystone was in her room playing up, down, left and right with Tippi. “Prissystone” said Lady Flygon, “ready for the fifth task?” “Yes!” said Prissystone. “Hey!” said Tippi, “we are playing here!” “We have been playing for two hours!” said Prissystone. “Well, I am having lunch with Teddyin” said Tippi.

When Lady Flygon and Prissystone got to the empty dinner hall, Prissystone said “What are we doing here?” “You are going to make berry juice” said Lady Flygon, leading Prissystone into a kitchen.

“First” said Lady Flygon, “crush these jewels with hyper beam.” “Okay” said Prissystone using hyper beam. “Then break the berries into quarters” said Lady Flygon. Prissystone broke the berries. “Then put them over the fire together” said Lady Flygon.

A little while later, Lady Flygon came into Prissystone’s room. “Prissystone!” Lady Flygon said, “it’s time for dinner and you did a great job on your fifth task!”

When they got to the dinner room, a groudon was giving a talk on Holinday.

When the groudon was finished talking, it walked over to the table. (Groudon is another legendary and rare pokemon, from the Hoenn region.) “Hello” said the groudon, “my name is Don.” “Nice to meet you” said Prissystone, “my name is Prissystone, Prissytone Sissy but people above the bog call me Lady.” (haha, doesn’t it sound like her name is actually Prissystone, Prissystone Sissy but people above the bog call me Lady?) “Hello Prissystone” said Don. “Hmmmm,” said Covea, “Prissy, Stisy!” Prissystone slapped her head.

Chapter 9 – The Sixth Task

The next morning when Prissystone stepped out of her room, Tippi bounced over. “Hi, hi, hi” said Tippi, “Lady Flygon said ‘I would like to see Prissystone please’.” “Okay” said Prissystone. “Lady Flygon is waiting for you at the battlefield” said Tippi.

When Prissystone got to the battlefield, Lady Flygon said “The sixth task is to battle me!” Prissystone gulped and said “Okay, let’s begin.”

Mara stepped forward. “Let the battle begin!” he yelled waving two leaves in the air.

Prissystone used tackle! Lady Flygon used dragon claw! Prissystone used bite! Lady Flygon used hyper beam! “I-I c-can’t let you win Prissystone!” stammered Lady Flygon. Prissystone used tackle! “KO! Lady Flygon is out!” cried Maro waving a leaf toward Prissystone in the air. “Since you won, Prissystone, that completes your sixth and seventh task!” said Lady Flygon.

Later, Lady Flygon came into Prissystone’s room. “Prissystone!” yelled Lady Flygon. Prissystone was so startled, she rolled out of bed! “It’s not nice to yell Lady Flygon” said Prissystone, dazed. It was the next morning and it was really hot outside. Even Prissystone’s room was scorching hot. “It’s time for your 8th task!” said Lady Flygon. “But is’s so hot!” cried Prissystone.

“Your task is to cut down a tree” said Lady Flygon, “it’s a special type of tree called magin and you’ll have to use hyper beam to cut it.” “Okay” said Prissystone. She used hyper beam, and Prissystone cut it right on down! “Yes!” yelled Prissystone, biting the magin.

When Prissystone got to the dinner room, everyone greeted her except for Covea. Prissystone told Tippi, Lenny, Rassy, Teddyin, Sir Gabite, Miss Gallade, Don (and Covea) about the battle. “Wow” said Don, “some battle!” “What he said took the words right smack dab out of my mouth!” said Miss Gallade. “Hmph!” said Covea. “Hhhhh” sighed Prissystone.

Later, Lenny and Prissystone were relaxing in a pool of water. “This cold spring is great, especially on a hot day like today! But Lenny, I thought you were a fire type” said Prissystone. (Fire types can’t stand water and ponyta is a fire type and Lenny is a ponyta so he should be screaming his lungs out right about now). “I guess I’m just special” said Lenny.

Chapter 10 – The Last Two Tasks and Going Home

“Ready for the ninth task?” asked Lady Flygon. It was morning again under the bog. “Yep” said Prissystone. “And, do you want to do the last task too?” asked Lady Flygon. “Yes!” said Prissystone.

Prissystone followed Lady Flygon to a pool of water. “Where are we Lady Flygon?” asked Prissystone. “We are at the pool pool” said Lady Flygon. Weird name thought Prissystone. Lady Flygon handed Prissystone some leaves. “Collect water using these” said Lady Flygon. Prissystone dipped the leaves into the water. “I did it!” cried Prissystone.

“The last task is, well, going home! No one has ever come this far!” said Lady Flygon, “Prissystone, we will call you Platinum from now on! And, Tippi and I are going with you!” “Alright! Let’s go!” yelled Platinum. They stepped into the bog, held hands and disappeared!

When Platinum looked up, she was her normal self again. Lady Flygon and Tippi were normal girls too. Tippi had blue eyes and a long braid, all the way down to her ankles! Lady Flygon had piggy tail braids and cute minty green eyes. “Weeee Tippi! Weeee Empire State Building!” yelled Tippi. Platinum and Lady Flygon looked at each other. “My hair is as long as the Empire State Building!” said Tippi. “Ooohh” said Lady Flygon and Platinum together. “Platinum, Tippi, call me Cecille” said Lady Flygon. “And call me Penny!” said Tippi. (and by the way, we’re going to start calling them Cecille and Penny, I told you this just so that you don’t get confused.)

A red haired girl ran up to the trio. “Platinum!” cried the girl. (Only people that don’t know her very well call her Lady). “Emily!” yelled Platinum, hugging the girl. Cecille and Penny looked at each other. “Emily, these are my friends Penny and Cecille” said Platinum, “Penny, Cecille, this is my school friend Emily.”

Later, after Emily was gone, Penny asked “What is school?” “It’s a place where kids go to learn” said Platinum.

“Mom! Dad!” said Platinum, “can my two new friends stay with us?” “Hmmmm”, said Mrs. Burlits, “okay.” “Yes!” said Platinum, Penny and Cecille, “thank you Mom!” and the trio ran off.

Chapter 11 – The Short Chapter

In the afternoon, Platinum, Penny and Cecille were playing with a ball. Penny caught the ball. “It’s hot out today, let’s go inside and get a drink” said Platinum. Together, hand in hand, they started walking.

Later that day, the trio was going back outside. “We’ll be inside in half an hour Mom” called Platinum. Suddenly, there was a strong gust of wind! “What the heck is going on!” cried Platinum. “Let’s fight against it and see where it takes us” said Cecille.

Chapter 12 – The Weird Wind and a Battle of a Lifetime

“Come on” cried Penny, “let’s go!” Platinum, Penny and Cecille started pushing against the wind.

At last, they made it. Platinum, Penny and Cecille fell to their knees huffing and puffing. When they got their breath back, Penny said “Weeee, let’s do that again!” “Where are we whoa!” said Platinum, tumbling backward. “It’s even stronger here!” said Cecille, struggling to get to her feet. “Cecille, Penny, which one – Chimchar or Turtwig?” asked Platinum holding out two Poke balls. “Chimchar!” said Penny. “I guess I’ve got Turtwig then” said Cecille. Platinum handled Penny and Cecille a pokeball, pokedex and five other empty poke balls. “Cool” said Cecille and Penny at the same time. “Jinx, you owe me a jewel!” said Penny. “We say you owe me a soda, not owe me a jewel” said Platinum.

Suddenly, three people stepped out. “Prepare for trouble!” said one. “And more trouble!” said another. “Casting the bright light of evil into the future!” said another. “And carving our names in the rock of eternity!” they all said together. “Mars” “Jupiter” “Saturn” said the three people stating their names. “Making a new world at the speed of light so surrender now or prepare to lose the fight!” said Mars. “Huh?” said Platinum. “Go Purugly!” said Mars. “Gollbat, come on!” said Saturn. “Go Zubat!” said Jupiter. “Piplup, Spotlight!” called Platinum. “Turtwig, I chosse you!” said Cecille. “Chimchar, come on out!” cried Penny. “Piplup, use peck!” said Platinum. Piplup used peck! “Use scratch Purugly!” said Mars. “Piplup, finish things and use bubblebeam!” said Platinum. “Pip, lup up up!” said Piplup. It won the match!

“Chimchar, scratch!” said Penny. “Chimmmmmchar” said Chimchar using scratch. “Zubat, supersonic!” called Jupiter. Chimchar became confused! “Chimchar, no!” said Penny as Chimchar hit itself on the head. “Chimchar, please, use ember!” cried Penny. Chimchar used ember! Zubat fainted!

“Go Turtwig!” said Cecille, “use tackle!” Turtwig used tackle! “Gollbat use bite!” said Saturn. Gollbat used bite! “You okay Turtwig?” asked Cecille. “Turt-wig-tur!” said Turtwig. “Synthesis and then leaf storm!” cried Cecille. Turtwig used systhesis and the leaf storm! Gollbat fainted!

“We will be back” said Mars and then they disappeared into the darkness. The trio did a high five. “We did it!” cried Platinum, “now let’s get some dinner!” And the three of them ran into the sunset.

Back of the Book: Lady has gotten turned into a Trapinch and has to do ten tasks! Meanwhile, what are Mars, Jupiter and Saturn up to?

Join the laughs, thrills and adventures of these Pokemon mysteries!

  1. Vickie Andrews FitzGibbon Said,

    Wow Gina, amazing story. Hurry up and write another one! I can’t wait to find out what happens next!
    Love ya, Aunt Vickie

  2. Chris Andrews Said,

    Gina says “I’m going to write the second Platinum Pokemon Adventures later, I’m going to write another book in a different series first.”

  3. Allison Matthews Said,

    Wow! That’s all I can say! Wow!

  4. Yvonne Varnum Said,

    Gina Gina Gina amazing!

  5. Wes Henderson Said,

    Awesome. Quite entertaining.

  6. Yvonne Varnum Said,

    Gina Gina Gina amazing!

  7. Irene Henderson Albritton Said,

    Good job, Gina! Jabari is a huge Pokemon fan and he was so impressed that you could write a Pokemon story.

  8. Teresa Andrews Said,

    I’m posting a comment from my friend Val Stavey…

    Gina, I am super-impressed with your story and I wish I could see the illustrations. I’m going to speak as an English teacher, okay? Your plot line is well-developed and cohesive. Your characters interact in a way that allows your reader to pick up on their character traits without you having to give direct personality descriptions – quite a sophisticated method for a young author! As someone who knows absolutely nothing about Pokemon, I was able to follow, understand, and be interested in the story so that means you did a great job of writing for a varied audience. A lot of the terms were confusing to me, but because of the way you constructed the action, I was able to determine meaning through context clues. Keep up the good work! This could be the next big series to hit the children’s literature world!


  9. Anne Andrews Said,

    great critique!

  10. Teresa Andrews Said,

    Love my girl’s great writing!

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