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What I Did This Christmas…

Posted by gina

Okay. So.


First of all, I went up to my grandparents on my moms side. We go to their house every other year, and we go to dads parents every other year. It’s kinda back and forth.


So, I got a lot of cool thinks. The first was… MY OWN COMPUTER!!! Yes, this girl now has her own computer. I show it in one of my new     videos:

It’s an Asus Windows 8, epic!


What I also got, what I remember at least…

A lot of clothes, 5 notebooks (omg so cute little puppies!!!!), Reading For The Gifted Student Grade 6 (fun to me), a new backpack, lots of pretty new jewelery, make-your-own stuff kits, nail polish/manicure items, pretty much all I can remember, and that’s already a lot.


I’m back home now. Happy 8th birthday to my little cousin!


Comment what you got for Christmas!


Gina signing off!



Posted by gina

So, I haven’t written on Ginasnewsforkids in a very, very long time, and I have some things to catch up with…


I’m eleven now, twelve in february. It’s been about a year since I’ve written on this site. But don’t worry, I’ve been alive the whole time.


There’s been other stuff I’ve been doing. I’ve joined a social site called Animal Jam. Here’s the link to the site

If anyone who plays AJ wants to buddy me, I’m SuperWriter26


I do YouTube now; I have fifty subscribers so far. I do Animal Jam videos. A lot of people do them, but they’re still fun to do. Here’s the link to my channel


Now, the biggest announcement yet!


I’m writing a Kindlebook! And believe me, I’m a LOT better than I was when I published Platinum’s Pokemon Adventures.


So, the book’s called Dragon Spotted. It’s about these three girls, Skye, Lily and Amber. Well, one day, the world goes to war with dragons. And Amber finds a dragon egg in her room. So, all of a sudden, she’s training dragons to fight back!


Here’s the preview:


Later on that morning, Skye, Lily and I had made our way to my bedroom.

Skye tripped and fell onto my window seat.

Her hand landed a little under a pillow, and she gerked it away.

“There’s something hot under there!” she cried, nursing a burnt hand.

Lily and I looked at her, puzzled.

“Something hot?” I asked, walking over to her. I slid my hand under the pillow, then jumped back.

“You’re right!” I said.

“Why do you have something, like, that hot in your bedroom?” Skye asked.

“I didn’t put it there,” I replied.

I moved the pillow and gasped.

Sitting there, glowing with the hotness of it, was a dragon egg.

Lily, Skye and I crowded around it, staring at it in wonder.

“How’d it got there?” Lily asked.

“I dunno,” I said. “But one thing’s for certain: we must keep this secret from my parents.”


I hope you enjoyed! I’ll let everyone know when the book comes out. Hopefully by Christmas! 🙂


Don’t forget to let your imagination fly! See you guys later!


I know it has been awhile, but I’m writing again!

I’m gonna start writing more on entertainment, events, pets, about me, and more stories on fiction!

If you haven’t already, read The Mystery Of The Wind. I will be posting the second book, Mystery Of The Three Newcomers, very soon.

Gina Andrews




Magic Tree House is a educational book written by Mary Pope Osborne.

It is about a brother and a sister named Jack and Annie. Annie is 7 and Jack is 8. They travel in a Magic Tree House. Jack and Annie are assigned to these missions by Morgan la Fay, the sister of King Arthur of Camelot. Jack and Annie travel through time and history to help Morgan get free from a spell, solve four ancient riddles and become master librarians, save four ancient stories from being lost forever, free a mysterious little dog from a spell, save Camelot, and learn different kinds of magic.

Sometimes Jack and Annie meet famous people in history and other times they have to read about history to complete their missions.

 “I LOVE IT!” I said as soon as I started the series.

The first 4 books are Dinosaurs Before Dark, The Knight at Dawn, Mummies In the Morning and Pirates Past Noon.

After the 28th book in the Magic Tree House series, it becomes the Merlin Missions. In the Merlin Missions, Merlin sends them on these quests. It is more advanced reading than the earlier books. In all, there are now 47 books in the series. Next month (July, 2012), the 48th book, A Perfect Time for Pandas, is supposed to be published.

Here is a video and a couple of pictures, enjoy!







My Favorite Super Bowl Commercial

Posted by gina

During the Super Bowl, a lot of commercials are shown, and most of them are funny.

My favorite was “The Bark Side”. It was super funny!

There were a whole bunch of dogs in one place, and they were barking the Darth Vader song from Star Wars. 40 dogs auditioned, and 12 of those were used in the commercial.

At one point, this dog made a sound that sounded like Chewbacca, one of the aliens. I haven’t seen Star Wars yet, but my parents said it sounded like it. I hope to see Star Wars soon.

Star Wars is coming to theaters in 3D this Friday, February 10, 2012.

Here is a video of “The Bark Side” commercial. Hope you enjoy it and don’t hold back your laughter!



Welcome To My New Site!

Posted by gina

This is my new site that will have news for kids and parents.

My name is Gina. I am 9 years old. My dad, Chris, runs News For Shoppers.

On this site I’m going to put news about new toys, movies, events, and holidays coming up. I also have a couple of articles for parents, you will find those articles under the parents section.

I hope you and your kids love this site and come back to visit again and again.