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What I Did This Christmas…

Posted by gina

Okay. So.


First of all, I went up to my grandparents on my moms side. We go to their house every other year, and we go to dads parents every other year. It’s kinda back and forth.


So, I got a lot of cool thinks. The first was… MY OWN COMPUTER!!! Yes, this girl now has her own computer. I show it in one of my new     videos:

It’s an Asus Windows 8, epic!


What I also got, what I remember at least…

A lot of clothes, 5 notebooks (omg so cute little puppies!!!!), Reading For The Gifted Student Grade 6 (fun to me), a new backpack, lots of pretty new jewelery, make-your-own stuff kits, nail polish/manicure items, pretty much all I can remember, and that’s already a lot.


I’m back home now. Happy 8th birthday to my little cousin!


Comment what you got for Christmas!


Gina signing off!


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