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Shimmer, My Fish

Posted by gina

New family member!

This is my fish, Shimmer. I got him during the summer.



I once had a another fish, Feedoe.

Shimmer is very sweet. He is a Double Tail Male Betta.

Fish seem to like music. Feedoe liked Jazz. Shimmer likes Slow Songs.

Betta’s have a lot more personality than tropical fish. They make eye contact. Plus, when you look at Bettas, they ether sit still or wiggle, showing off their fins and tails.

When I first got Shimmer, he flared a lot (like Betta’s often do). But pretty soon, he got more comfortable in his home.

Parents, if you want an easy, quiet pet for your kids, I suggest a Betta.

How do your fish act?

Are they playful, shy, or grumpy?

Or is it curious or maybe smart?

Tell me in the comment section below!


My Favorite Super Bowl Commercial

Posted by gina

During the Super Bowl, a lot of commercials are shown, and most of them are funny.

My favorite was “The Bark Side”. It was super funny!

There were a whole bunch of dogs in one place, and they were barking the Darth Vader song from Star Wars. 40 dogs auditioned, and 12 of those were used in the commercial.

At one point, this dog made a sound that sounded like Chewbacca, one of the aliens. I haven’t seen Star Wars yet, but my parents said it sounded like it. I hope to see Star Wars soon.

Star Wars is coming to theaters in 3D this Friday, February 10, 2012.

Here is a video of “The Bark Side”┬ácommercial. Hope you enjoy it and don’t hold back your laughter!



My Puppy Amber

Posted by gina

This is my puppy Amber. Amber is 11 months old and is super hyper.

This is a photo of Amber

I love my puppy a lot, but sometimes she is annoying. She likes to chew on my stuffed animals – so I have to be careful to put them away. But she is one of my best friends.

She loves to play tug-of-war with me. Would you like to hear something funny? When she has her ball in her mouth, when I try to get it, she makes it a game of chase. So I have to try to catch her – ha, ha!

I have to give her food and water every day, let her outside to go to the potty, put her in her crate when we go out and when it is time to go night-night.

When we go on vacation, we leave her at DogTown USA. They have a swimming pool there, a bakery for the dogs, and the dogs get to play together in one big room. Since it is all indoors, they go to the potty on astro-turf . Astr-turf is fake grass.

She may be a lot of work, but she is a real friend. I love her so much, but if you are going to get a puppy that’s good, but they are a lot of work and they chew on everything. I would suggest you get a lot of dog toys. And one more thing, make sure to keep YOUR stuff away from the dog.

Have fun with your puppy!

Bye bye from me and Amber!