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Shimmer, My Fish

Posted by gina

New family member!

This is my fish, Shimmer. I got him during the summer.



I once had a another fish, Feedoe.

Shimmer is very sweet. He is a Double Tail Male Betta.

Fish seem to like music. Feedoe liked Jazz. Shimmer likes Slow Songs.

Betta’s have a lot more personality than tropical fish. They make eye contact. Plus, when you look at Bettas, they ether sit still or wiggle, showing off their fins and tails.

When I first got Shimmer, he flared a lot (like Betta’s often do). But pretty soon, he got more comfortable in his home.

Parents, if you want an easy, quiet pet for your kids, I suggest a Betta.

How do your fish act?

Are they playful, shy, or grumpy?

Or is it curious or maybe smart?

Tell me in the comment section below!


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