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Air Swimmers – Cool Gift Idea!

Posted by gina

Looking for a fun gift for your kid?

Try Air Swimmers.  There is a clown fish and a shark. They float in the air because they are filled with helium, like big balloons. You can control them with a remote control, like they were little blimps.

They look like they are swimming in the air! They cost about $30 at Amazon.

The company that makes them says there are lots of fake ones being sold that aren’t as good. Its important to get the right ones.

Users at Amazon say it’s BIG! It needs a big place to fly – but not outdoors – because the wind will carry it away – then bye-bye Air Swimmer! ¬†One user says it has a weird attraction to the ceiling, but maybe they just didn’t know how to fly it yet.

Air Swimmers are supposed to be one of the hottest toys this Christmas season.



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