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Legoland Adventure

Posted by gina

Legoland is a new theme park featuring legos.  There are rollercoasters, kid’s rides, a 2-story carousel , and a driving school where kids 6 and up can get a driver’s license.

My favorite was the Dragon, one of the rollercoasters. You can see a video of the ride below.

You should check out the Island in the Sky. It was really fun too. It’s where you go high up in the sky and go high above the trees. What a view! Here’s a picture of what you see from there.

We went as part of a group called Florida Unschoolers.

The jousting was a lot of fun. It was where you get onto this model horse like you were in the middle ages – the time of knights! You ride the horse around on a track and it feels like it’s galloping!

Here’s a little more about the driving school. It was like on a miniature city street. You have to stop at stop signs, red lights, and yield signs. You go on green. And you have to watch out for other kids and their cars. Obey the rules of the road or there well be a crash! At the end of the school, you get a paper drivers license. My Mom paid a bit more to get this plastic license!

I hope you can go to LegoLand! There’s one in Florida and another one in California. There’s also LegoLands in Germany, England, and Denmark.

Here’s a video of the Dragon roller coaster, and some more pictures below – have fun everyone!


  1. Grandma Said,

    What a ride Gina. Glad you enjoyed it.

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