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My Cat Keiko

Posted by gina

Keiko is my nine year old cat. She isn’t as much hard work as Amber is.

My cat Keiko

I think Keiko is black and white, but my Mom and Dad say she is grey and black. You choose from this picture and tell me in the comments below!

Would you like to hear something funny? When Keiko is sleeping, she snores softly – except when she sleeps in the middle of the night and keeps my Mom awake – then she’s really loud.

She may not be as much of a handful as Amber, but I still have to do stuff for her, like feed her Cat Chow and water, and clean out her litter box, sometimes. But do you know what she really likes me to do? Scratch her head and pet her. She loves that. She purrs. But I have to watch out, because sometimes she will bite or scratch me because I pet her too much.

Keiko and Amber have almost had fights with each other, Keiko swats and growls, Amber sniffs Keiko and cries, then comes back for more.

Keiko was grown up by the time I was born – but as a kitten she was definitely the cutest thing!  I know that she would play, play, play, play, then sleep, sleep, sleep, sleep. Then every once in a while, she would eat. She must have been really funny and fun to play with. I love her a lot.

Keiko as a kitten.

Here is a picture of what she looked like as a kitten. Isn’t this sweet?

  1. ginny Said,

    well gina, if you ask me…I think she is black , white AND grey! She is such a sweet kitty and tolerant too! she is lucky to have you as her family 😉

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