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TinkerBell DS Game

Posted by gina

The Nintendo DS is a handheld gaming system. One of the many games for the Nintendo DS is the TinkerBell DS game from Disney.

With this game, you get to play as TinkerBell and help prepare for the seasons, Summer, Fall, Winter, and Spring. You get to customize over 100 outfits and watch Pixie Hollow transform from day to night.

You can also talk to fairies and play mini-games. When you get to a certain point, your fairy friends will have a picture of TinkerBell’s face flashing, it might mean that the mini-game can be played. You can play the mini-game any time once that happens.

I have the TinkerBell game myself. I got it at Toys’R’Us a few days ago, but it’s also available here on Amazon.

I’ll tell you a little more about the mini-games. You get to weave thread from a silk worm with Fawn, paint lady bugs with Rosetta, and catch dew drops with Silvermist.

I love the game. It has great graphics, is interesting, and lots of fun. You get to go to all the places in Pixie Hollow as you go through seasons.


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